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Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) Intellectual Disabilities Supported Community Living Services
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This program is offered at Mediapolis Care Facitlity.  The following is an explanation of the service and it describes the type of activities and daily events that the member may be appropiate for.  Each member will have an assessment and an individaul service plan that will identify the goals that each member may be working towards.  The staff at the facility are partners with the members in assisting them to achieve their personal goals.  It is our hope at the Mediapolis Care Facility that by engaging in such services, that each member will increase their independence and live the highest quality of life possible. “Supported community living services” (SCL) means those services provided to individuals with a mental illness, mental retardation, or developmental disability to enable them to develop supports and learn skills that will allow them to liv, learn, work and socialize in the community.  Services are individ- ualized, need- and abilities-focused, and organized according to the following components:  outreach to appropriate support or treatment services: assistance and referral in meeting basic human needs: assistance in housing and living arrangements; crisis intervention and assistance; social and vocational assistance; the provision of or arrangement for personal, environmental, family, and community supports; facilitation of the individual’s identification and development of natural support systems; support, assistance, and education to the individual’s family and to the community; protection and advocacy; and service coordination. These services are to be provided by organizational staff or through linkages with other resources and are intended to be provided in the individual’s home or other natural community environment where the skills are learned or used.  Supported community living is not part of an organized mental health support or treatment group, drop-in center, or clubhouse.  Skilltraining groups may be one of the activities in the service plan and part of supported community living.  Skill training groups do not stand alone as a supported community living service. Individuals using the service live, learn, work, and socialize in the community. Individual members will receive services both within their home (facility community areas) and in community settings where skills may be learned or used.  Individuals receive supports as indicated as well as encouragment to be as independent with their skills as well.  Natural supports will be incorporated into every member’s day at every possible opportunity.  Supports members receive are determined on each individual’s needs and are directed to enabling them to regain or attain higher levels of functioning or to maximize functioning in current goal areas.  Any steps that are taken to encourage the use of natural supports and to encourage the member to develop new ones are documented in the service documentation that is included in the member’s individual file.
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