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Day habilitation is assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills.  Day habilitation activities and environments are designed to foster the acquisition of skills, appropriate behavior, greater independence, and personal choice.  Services focus on enabling the member to attain or maintain the member’s maximum functional level.  Services must enhance or support the member’s: Intellectual functioning Physical and emotional health and development Language and communication development Cognitive functioning Socialization and community integration Functional skill development Behavior management Responsibility and self-direction Daily Living Activities Self-Advocacy Skills Mobility  
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A Residential Facility Providing Care and Service for Mentally ill and Developmental Disabled Adults
Day habilitation cannot be provided in the member’s residence.  If the member lives in a residential facility of more than 16 persons, day habilitation can be provided in an area of the facility that is apart from the member’s sleeping accommodations, such as a common room wher residents normally congregate. Day Habilitation Services are generally provided in the Learning Center at the Mediapolis Care Facility as well in the community.